Bottom of the foot anatomy

The plantar aponeurosis has been cut to reveal the underlying flexor digitorum. Also known as pes planus, this is when the arch of the foot collapses completely dropping the whole sole of the foot down to the ground. Anatomy of the Foot An inside look at the structure of the foot. The plantar interossei have a unipennate morphology, while the dorsal interossei are bipennate. Without attention and proper care, foot disorders are likely to develop with age.
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8e. The Muscles and Fasciæ of the Foot

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Plantar fasciitis

Common Causes of Foot Pain. Bunions A bunion is a crooked big-toe joint that sticks out at the base of the toe, forcing the big toe to turn in. The cuboid is on the lateral side opposite the arch of the foot and in front of the calcaneus. Here, podiatrist and fitness instructor E Ball of foot pain is very common in women who wear tight fashion shoes with a high or medium heel, but it can also occur when wearing regular, flat shoes.
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Muscles, Tendons & Ligaments of the Foot & Ankle - Foot Anatomy -

Avoiding sharing shoes and socks with people who have plantar warts may help protect against them, but many people develop plantar warts with no known instances of person-to-person transmission. Because ligaments do not receive much nourishing blood flow from the body, sprains can take a long time to heal, and long-term damage can result from continued stress on a sprained ligament. In the same way the action of the Abductor digiti quinti is twofold, as an abductor of this toe from the fourth, and also as a flexor of its proximal phalanx. Your provider will often recommend these steps first: Metatarsalgia is often described by sufferers as a sharp or burning pain under the balls of the feet. Hold each position for 5 secs - repeat 10x.
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These joints form the ball of the foot. Ingrown toenails can sometimes be managed at home through frequent clipping. All content has been filed with the U. The nerves of the leg and foot serve to propel the body through the actions of the legs, feet, and toes while maintaining balance, both while the body is moving and when it is at rest. Share on Twitter Tweet. Tendonitis occurs when a tendon — a touch cord of tissue which attaches a muscle to a bone — becomes irritated over time.
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